DOMINE is a database of known and predicted protein domain (domain-domain) interactions. It contains interactions inferred from PDB entries, and those that are predicted by 13 different computational approaches using Pfam domain definitions.

DOMINE contains a total of 26,219 domain-domain interactions (among 5,410 domains) out of which 6,634 are inferred from PDB entries, and 21,620 are predicted by at least one computational approach. Of the 21,620 computational predictions, 2,989 interactions are high-confidence predictions (HCPs), 2,537 interactions are medium-confidence predictions (MCPs), and the remaining 16,094 are low-confidence predictions (LCPs).

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 Citing DOMINE
 Version 2.0 (Sep 2010) – 20,513 Interactions
 % Predictions known to be true (in PDB)

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