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Indoxacarb (173584-44-6)

Study Results

Genetic Toxicology

An overview of Genetic Toxicology In Vivo Alkaline Comet Assay study conclusions related to Indoxacarb (173584-44-6).
In Vivo Alkaline Comet Assay - Rats
  • Male: Negative

Citation Information

NTP. Indoxacarb (173584-44-6). Chemical Effects in Biological Systems (CEBS). Research Triangle Park, NC (USA): National Toxicology Program (NTP). Accessed 2018-12-19.

Study Data

Genetic Toxicology Studies

Genetic Toxicity Evaluation of Indoxacarb (173584-44-6) in DNA Damage Study G12074 in Sprague-Dawley Rats