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Study Information
Study Attribute Value
CEBS Accession Number: 002-01849-0006-0000-0
Chemical Name: Chlorambucil
CASRN: 305-03-3
NTP Study Type: Genetic Toxicology - Drosophila Germ Cell Mutagenicity
NTP Study ID: 253055_RT
Study Result: Positive

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Drosophila Reciprocal Translocations Study Details
Route of Exposure Dose
Solvent No. RTs / No. tests per sperm batch (in days of storage *) Total No. of Translocations Translocation
0-3 3-7 7-10 10-14 14-17 17-20
Test Chemical
0/0 11/561 19/529 13/226 7/77 6/27 56/1420 3.94
Days of Storage: The number of days sperm were stored in the female before testing.