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Study Information
Study Attribute Value
CEBS Accession Number: 002-01678-0004-0000-8
Chemical Name: Azodicarbonamide
CASRN: 123-77-3
NTP Study Type: Genetic Toxicology - Drosophila Germ Cell Mutagenicity
NTP Study ID: 831837_SLRL
Study Result: Negative

Table Instructions and Notes:

In some Drosophila SLRL studies, clusters (mutations concluded to result from a single spontaneous pre-meiotic event) in a single male were identified and all the data from that male were excluded from the study analysis. The published reports of these data present the adjusted values. The SLRL data on this web site are uncorrected for the removal of clusters. However, the overall conclusion of the study matches the published conclusion. If you require access to the corrected data, please refer to the associated journal or contact the NTP for a copy of the printed report.

Drosophilia Sex-Linked Recessive Lethal Study Details
Route of
No. of Lethals / No. of X Chromosomes Tested Total Lethals / Total Tests Cluster Removed
Mating 1 Mating 2 Mating 3
Test Chemical
3 0 3/2006 8/2438 3/1972 14/6416 (0.22%) Y
25 11 3/911 3/699 0/601 6/2211 (0.27%) N
Vehicle Control
2/2126 0/2400 0/2105 2/6631 (0.03%) N
3/1027 2/907 0/944 5/2878 (0.17%) N
  P= 0.115
Br = Brood